Posted by: Helicop Aviation | June 2, 2011

Why become a Helicopter Pilot

Helicopter Pilot and Trainee


Helicopter is now considered to be one of the most versatile aerial vehicles. The role of the helicopters is becoming more important and meaningful day by day. It is the flexibility and versatility that makes it possible for helicopters to be used in a wide variety of roles, thereby creating multiple career paths for a helicopter pilot.

Whether it is flying a search and rescue helicopter, flying famous personalities to their locations, taking oil workers to an oil rig in some remote corner of the earth or even penguin counting in Antarctica, helicopter pilots can choose between many very different, but equally challenging activities.

It is believed that the Helicopter aviation industry has a lot of scope to grow from about 10% to 15% in India. The demand of the helicopter pilots has also increased considerably. There aren’t many helicopter pilot training schools in India. But an increasing demand of the helicopter pilots has encouraged Indian students to opt for training overseas, which takes only 5 months compared to a period of 18 months in India and is affordable also.

For a Career as a helicopter pilot, a fascination with helicopters, and a passion for flying, should be considered the essential. However, for most helicopter pilots the thought of doing something else never crosses their mind- they love their job and the challenges it presents, and they enjoy long, happy, safe, and successful careers.



  1. Looking at the nature of work and job prospects, I think helicopter pilot training will be next top career option for Indian students.

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