Posted by: Helicop Aviation | August 9, 2011

Rajasthan may get Helicopter Charter Services

Rajasthan may soon have helicopter taxis provided the government gives its nod to a proposal to start chartered air services. Affluent trusts recently submitted a proposal for the air taxi service to the government through the Jodhpur Divisional Commissioner recently.

Initially, the proposal had been floated considering the religious areas of interest in the state and the fact that most of the trusts behind the proposal are religious trusts. However, the service is likely to be extended to anyone willing to avail it, as the state is grappling with an abject lack of qualitative and quick means of transport, especially in view of long distances, according to a report by Ajay Parmar in The Times of India.

R K Jain, Divisional Commissioner, Jodhpur said that the state has been cut off in terms of air connectivity, particularly when it comes to chartered flights, which has been a hurdle on prospects concerning both tourism and industry. “Though considerable improvement in surface transport has taken place in the past few years, hardly any initiative has been taken with regard to air connectivity. The growth rate of the state can be further expedited with faster mode of transport,” he said, highlighting that 18 prosperous religious trusts of the state have offered to fund a fleet of helicopters and run it on a “no loss-no profit” basis.

Suggesting a broad action plan for the proposal, Jain said, “I have proposed to the government that if the proposal is approved, these trusts are ready to run this service through a properly managed mechanism.”

Welcoming the idea, Govind Singh Rathore, a tourism entrepreneur, said there are many global tourists who skip some important destinations due to absence of proper air connectivity or due to absence of some quick means of transport. “This service will result in not only further exposure of the state as a tourist destination but also result in a spurt to the flow of tourists,” Singh opined.



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